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ID Music 20220128: No Footprints

North America's Gnarliest Mix for Practicing a Zen Version of Leave No Trace Ethics

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Inter-Dimensional Music is heard weekly on the airwaves of Marfa Public Radio, LOOKOUT FM Los Angeles, and WQRT Indianapolis.

This week's practice extends from the more esoteric parts of my recent essay on why NFTs and hope are bad, and passing on opportunities to acquire wealth is good. It's a return to one of my favorite teachings1 from Kusala Bhikshu, the Zen monk that I sat with many years ago in Los Angeles. I don't think it's an intentional reference to the famous Christian "Footprints" poem, but it reads like a suitable counterpart to me:

Kelso Dunes Moonlight Ascent (2009) - Daniel Chamberlin

It also works as an upgrade to the Leave No Trace wilderness aphorism: Neither your photographs nor your footprints will last. 

Our soundtrack includes a chance encounter between a synth wizard and a clarinet guru, a long-form ambient grindcore masterwork, and an international premiere from Zona Mutante2, Far West Texas' top-ranking doom-cumbia fusionists. 

More updates coming soon as we catch up with the backlog of broadcasts. This one is a test of substack’s new “video post” feature. So far, it’s fine.

Thanks – as always – for being here,


stream: Mixcloud
download: 320kbps MP3

ID Music 20220128 setlist
artist - work
John Thayer - Listening Sky (excerpt)
Holden & Zimpel - Saturday
João Pais Filipe - XIII
Badawi - Enter the Heretic
Zona Mutante - Glumbia No. 1
Cloud Rat - Mother Tongue ~ Glitter Belly
madam data - but in the purple light of the heavy star a blow was struck, and we cursed our hands as they grew into talons, and sang out regret as we choked our enemies with our own entrails
Baptisma - pes#2
Moss Harvest - Threshing
YAI - Data Horizon
Hiram - Into Air
John Thayer - Listening Sky (excerpt)
Dharma: Kusala Bhikshu - No Footprints

Video credits:
📹 live at the shade structure with
🔊 "Listening Sky" - John Thayer 
☸️ Kusala Bhikshu


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You can find the full “Letting Go” dharma talk from June 28, 2015 at


Special thanks to Tyler, Pinsky, and Whitney for bringing Zona Mutante to my attention.

Daniel Chamberlin