PREVIEW: ID Music 20220506

North America's Gnarliest Mix for when you're done sifting and shuffling through other people's words


This week’s practice is the beginning of a month-long series using readings from Zen Master Dōgen’s “The Practice of Meditation.” We’ll revisit this text on Inter-Dimensional Music throughout the month, and conclude the series with a new installment of the Void Contemplation Tactics guided meditation video series. Previous installments of VCT meditation videos are available in the Vimeo archive.

For this week's practice, we'll hear collaborative electronics that are "as much Mille Plateaux as classic 80s industrial shortwave-sampling or dub," Oglala Lakotan black metal, and death metal from Missouri that recognizes that "the mode of this material world is suffering."

Our session begins and ends with "de/anti-colonial ambient/noise" from Tahlia Palmer's Amby Downs project.

Join us on the actual airwaves or via smoke signals live-streaming from the wi-fires all weekend long on 99.1FM WQRT Indianapolis, Marfa Public Radio in Far West Texas, and across the Los Angeles Basin on LOOKOUT.FM. Archived stream and 320kbps DL with extended commentary and setlist available here at Cosmic Chambo Studio next week.


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