Cosmic Chambo Studio is the home of Daniel “Cosmic Chambo” Chamberlin, an artist, writer, yin yoga teacher and Zen student based on the low-rolling prairie of East Central Indiana.

Chamberlin is the host of Inter-Dimensional Music, a weekly broadcast of “heavy mellow, kosmische slop, and void contemplation tactics,” heard since 2010 on Marfa Public Radio in Far West Texas and broadcasting on 99.1FM WQRT Indianapolis since 2016.

The Void Contemplation Tactics newsletter is an expansion of the Inter-Dimensional Music project with a greater focus on spiritual anarchism, and the radical aspects of Zen, yoga, and other mindfulness teachings that inform all of this work.

Chamberlin’s creative practice combines visual art, installation, performance, and audio with mindfulness teaching based on the radical implications of yoga and Zen. His visual art is concerned with uncovering the transcendent and psychedelic aspects of otherwise mundane objects and experiences. 

He was previously a resident student at the Indianapolis Zen Center; communications director for Texas arts nonprofit Ballroom Marfa; medic (NREMT-B) with Marfa Emergency Medical Services; contributing editor at Arthur Magazine; and editor-in-chief of URB Magazine. He is a 2017 graduate of Exalt Yoga’s 80-hour Yin yoga teacher training program, and holds a BA in psychology and film studies1 from Indiana University.

Chamberlin has hosted yoga/meditation sessions and participated in visual art exhibitions and installations at The Alembic (Berkeley, CA), Coaxial Arts (Los Angeles, CA), High Frequency Loft (Taos, NM), Healer (Indianapolis, IN), StorageSpace (Indianapolis, IN), PlySpace Gallery (Muncie, IN), Penn Forest Natural Burial Ground (Pittsburgh, PA), Magick City (Brooklyn, NY), Marfa Book Company (Marfa, TX), The Lumberyard (Marfa, TX), Starlight Theater (Terlingua, TX), and Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA). 

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A note on paid subscriptions: In keeping with the DIY ethics that we learned at tiny Midwestern hardcore shows in the ‘90s, we value maximizing access to our work. “All ages” and “no one will be turned away for lack of funds” are the default options whenever possible.

Please consider your subscription as an extremely encouraging donation to our projects. Your contribution offsets the cost of the growing Inter-Dimensional Music library, and has already allowed me to migrate my portfolio of video art to an ad-free Vimeo archive. In the interest of inclusivity, any bonus mixes or recordings will also eventually be made available to other readers. Including you, should you decide to discontinue your subscription!


Technically it’s a B.A. in Comparative Literature because that’s how you used to have to do film studies at Indiana University. But I don’t remember much of the comp lit stuff.


Inter-Dimensional Music FM, Basking in Gravity, and Non-Self Improvement


Daniel "Cosmic Chambo" Chamberlin is an artist, writer, yoga teacher, and Zen student based on the low-rolling prairie of East Central Indiana