Full spectrum heavy mellow flow, from floaty yang vibes to downpressing yin radiation

February 2023

North America's Gnarliest Mix for centering rest and making space for others to rest
North America's Gnarliest Mix for saving the world by not working
North America's Gnarliest Mix for aimless and/or outlaw psychedelic experiences

January 2023

Fluorescent psychedelia, post-solstice blues, and Peter Gabriel bootlegs
Five years of the Inter-Dimensional Music Archive

December 2022

An appreciation of silicon and organic mortality plus funereal aquatic ambience from ID Music

November 2022

Crusty doom metal, Cure bootlegs, goth dub, and Zen anarchist poetry as refutations of longtermism
An Autumnal Melancholy photo digest to accompany our annual mix series of bummer ambient, goth dub, and rotting crust

October 2022

The 2022 edition of our series placing seasonal affective disorder in the context of deep time
North America's Gnarliest Mix for considering imposter syndrome in the context of Pharoah Sanders' passing
North America's Gnarliest Mix of Pure Motorik Flow